A new radio station for Turner Schools!

Turner Schools Radio is a new online radio station for Turner Schools students. It is based in Folkestone Academy, and provide opportunities for children and young people across the Trust to learn about broadcasting and present on the radio as well as audio-related projects across the schools.

Turner Schools Radio was inspired by the Trust's desire to provide opportunities for its students that other schools don't. Our work won't only be about training children to present on the radio - they will meet local business owners, attend community events, interview politicians, debate and discuss all sorts of issues, and do it all in a working environment almost identical to a professional radio station. Turner Schools Radio is influenced by the work of 105.9 Academy FM Folkestone, the Community Radio station that was based in Folkestone Academy until 2023, and worked with hundreds of children and young people. Academy FM continues to broadcast from its central-Folkestone 'Glassworks' studio, with an exciting relaunch as a community-focused FM radio station planned for 2024.

You can to hear Turner Schools Radio via this website on any PC, Mac, or mobile device - click the LISTEN LIVE button above. Or to find out about our Android App or listening with Alexa, visit our dedicated Listen page.